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Keep a track on your PAN Allotment Schedule through few clicks

In India, PAN Card or Permanent account number is allotted with a unique 15 digit alphanumeric series that is issued to every Indian citizen by the Central Board of Direct Taxes, under the supervision of the Income Tax Department of India jurisdiction under the applicability of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. The legal status and the applicability of allotted unique PAN code is same as that of the National Identification Number, it can also be produced for identity verification.

The PAN is required to be produced and stated in all financial transactions, exceeding a certain specified monetary limit. It gives the Central Government the privilege of keeping a track on the financial transactions of high monetary worth thus declining the tax evasion and other illegal driveways leading to tax evasion. Today everyone is aware of the fact, that it has become mandatory to declare the unique code at all fronts including taxable salary receipts, opening a bank account or sale or purchase of high worth. Though its applicability jurisdiction limits to all latitudes and longitudes within the Indian national boundaries, but it is always advisable to keep the PAN Card updated with all personal details, and take corrective measures with immediate effect, if it requires changes or corrections, to avoid future hassles and complexities.

Now with advancement of high tech internet services with high end security options and features, for your convenience, the Tax Authority has given the option for online PAN Card application. You can keep a track of your submission of the form through the acknowledge receipt and even keep a track on the delivery status through an array of convenient and easy options.

PAN Card Status tracking with options as follows:

  • Name and Date of Birth.
  • Dedicated Coupon number.
  • Specific Application Number.

The tracking options in details for user enquiry:

  • Checking the status of PAN Card with Name and Date of Birth:

With just few clicks you would easily get the details on the status of PAN Card. What you need to provide is your full name including your middle name if any as filled in at the time of application. You need to mention the name of your father too.  The website that helps you with the tracking of status is,, where you can check the details. But it involves some precautions and measures, the reason being, that sometimes the name that you have provided does not match with the dedicated database in terms of spellings and correct sequence. To obtain the status, you need to provide the matched sequence. The PAN Card application also allows you to opt for abbreviations, so be sure to securely save in the details while filing in, so that you can use them as future reference.

Few points that needs your concern:

  • Secure the filled in details for future reference at the time of application
  • Save the 15 digit acknowledge receipt unique code.
  • Surname column mandatorily to be filled in, so if you are using only your name, leave the name field blank and instead fill in the surname column.
  • For date of birth, follow dd-mm-yyyy sequence and use ‘-‘as separator.
  • Keeping a track on the status of PAN Card with coupon number:

For every individual who are interested to investment in India, it is mandatory to possess the unique 15 digit PAN code, applying is quite easy and it takes some days to get your documents processed and then the card would be automatically, delivered to the address of communication as provided by the applicant at the time of application. If the card does not reach within the predicated time span, then, the applicant has the advantage of tracking the status of the PAN allotment and the delivery status of the card. Using the PAN coupon number for status check is among the most common methods preferred by the applicants.

Click on the website:, which would help you with the details relating to the Status of PAN Card allotment.

The steps that need to be followed are bulleted below for user reference:

  • The dedicated application type to be selected, is New Application (F49a) followed by the details that are required by you to filled in at the required fields.
  • Next keep the coupon number within reach and fill it in.
  • There you would also be allowed to refine the search criterion with applicant’s name and application number, provide the details.
  • A submit button would be allotted, click in.
  • The next a screen tom appears on the screen with the required details and status report.
  • Check Status of Pan Card with the dedicated application number:

The other popular method opted by the applicants is by using the application number. The following steps would help to glide through the process of status check:

  • Need to click in @
  • Open in a new application window(F49a)
  • Next fill in the application number at the dedicated field along with the name and other required details.
  • After submission, a screen reflecting the Status of PAN Card would pop out with other details for you to verify.



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    I have applied for my pan card on October 1, 2012. In how many days I can see the status?

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